The New Grandmaster Crystal and Uncollected 14-Day Calendar!

Hey Summoners! It’s time for our latest Uncollected Announcement! Some changes we’ve already announced finally go live today, and we’ve also got some very exciting news to share with you all.

As previously mentioned <link>, the ‘Uncollected Free Crystal’ and the ‘Uncollected Arena Crystal are now HERE! As a refresher, you can find the details on both of these in our old announcements here: <link>.

As a reminder, our creation of the Uncollected status came about due to a few design needs we identified within The Contest. As game ages, we need to ensure it grows with our most experienced players, and gives less experienced players future goals they can aspire to. In addition to everything else you can already obtain due to this elite status, it’s also time for us to share Even More Awesomeness that you can expect from achieving this milestone within The Contest.

A New 14 Day Calendar

‘Uncollected’ Summoners will soon see their 7-Day Calendars replaced with a new, 14-Day Calendar. Instead of working towards a Premium Hero Crystal, this Calendar will grant daily shards towards obtaining a brand new crystal at the end of the 14 day calendar. This crystal will more better match their needs and where they are in the game. And that crystal is…..

The Grandmaster Crystal

Going live on August 30th, this crystal is an upgraded version of the Premium Hero Crystal. For Summoners that have made it far enough in The Contest, this evolution ‘just makes sense’, and gives you a chance at better Champions.

The Grandmaster Crystal will:

  • Contain 3-Star champions with a rare chance at 4-Star and 5-Star champions
  • Cost 200 units
  • Be obtained via the new 14 Day Calendar for Uncollected Summoners.

Instead of obtaining a Premium Hero Crystal every 7 days, you’ll now be obtaining a Grandmaster Crystal via shards every 14 days!

As a reminder: You must be both level 40 and above within MCOC to enjoy these benefits, and you must also have earned the Uncollected title by defeating Chapter 2 of Act 5.

In the future, we will also be releasing a new Featured Grandmaster Crystal - more information on this will come closer to the actual release.

Duping 5-Star Champions

As a result of these changes, players that qualify will start to see the availability of 5-Stars start to increase - which means that you’ll be ‘duping’ them much more often. Our team determined that it was time to create added benefits to the game for those that dupe 5-Stars within their roster, so starting on August 30th, when you dupe a 5-Star champion you will start to receive 6-Star shards.

Wait. What? Yes, you read that correctly… 6-Star Champions are coming to The Contest. You can head over to our 6-Star announcement here for more information on this!

We’ve also made a small announcement pertaining to the sale of 5-Star Champions today, which can be found here.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you’re as excited by these changes as we are!
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