AQ focused Gold 2 alliance LF 5

We are now seeking 5 active players to join our crew.

We very active and are AQ focused with a goal of hitting 80 million points and above every week.

we usually hit ranked rewards on SA and other events. Weekly donations are only 5k gold and 2k loyalty.

We are a US-based 16.2 Gold 3 alliance, currently pushing for gold 2.

Maps 5 and 4 for AQ

New recruits must be:
- participate in all AQ, communicate to choose best paths, get nodes down, etc
- LINE app is a requirement for communication

We are competitive but we don’t let the game take over our lives. Only 2 bgs for war.

If this sounds like a good fit, please msg me on LINE or in game @NLV88 . THANKS!


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