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player 700K average skill looking for FRIENDLY alliance only with adults real life kids job !!!

what i want is a friendly alliance, my time zone is EUROPE you must know that
all events except arena all people must play except if holidays etc.. because real life alliance is not full of no life inside !!!!!
AW 3 groups sometimes 2 if people busy etc... if you need 30 active all the time i m no the good one for that
AQ i play map 5 or 3 i dont like map4 but if you have a group 5 4 3 all is ok i can choose I DONT PLAY ALLIANCE FULL 5 or FULL 4 and neither full 6 LOL
i M NOT A BOSS KILLER but i can play boss sometimes in AQ in AW not

i use line but i m just connected sometimes
i want to find the good alliance if the leader is a lady no problem im not a macho ??!!!! i dont like this kind of leader or officers who think they have the power to kick ok ? i have been officer before.... i just want to be a normal player and have fun with nice people who have real life before the game, for exemple i can be off during 5 days in summer you have to accept it everybody have holidays and cant connect during this period.

you can find me in the game only if you are ok with what is written above if not dont contact me.

my game id is : JeanClaudeDusse

thank you


  • Bono72Bono72 Posts: 154
    last thing i dont play assigned path ok ?
    contact me only in the game if you want me i dont reply there.
    i think all is said now :)
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