Maximizing targeted in-game offers

Here’s a thought:

While I don’t know what the data tells your marketing & performance team about any return from in game offers, maybe an internal pow-wow with the dev team is in order. I say this because if you want to see more purchases of things like the class rank up bundle offered today (9/30/2019), players would probably be more inclined to do so if the possibility to attain more desirable champs was a thing. What do I mean? I mean for the past few weeks I’ve spent a hefty amount of money on crystals because I don’t have the luxury of sitting home and grinding all day long for a champ I’d like to have. My “rigged rng luck” with these crystals has been piss poor. For that reason I don’t have many newer champs in my collection that I can immediately use for upper tier content. So because I don’t have them, (and it could literally take years before there was even a chance), I pretty much ignored the in game offer because I can’t use it. Now when you think about this on a grander scale, imagine how many people are experiencing the same thing? For those who already have these champs and ranked, they aren’t buying either. I don’t know but it seems like a disconnect somewhere internally or maybe it’s just all much ado about nothing? Just saying, there’s a price tag for a bonafied way to get rank up materials of your choice, but no clear way to get a champ to apply them to? Not saying make it easy for everyone to get the same champ, but there’s has to be a lighter penalty than paying hundreds of dollars and end up with nothing!? Maybe even it’s getting rid of the 3* from the Cavalier and featured Cavalier crystals? Which actually makes 0 sense. This would actually increase the accumulation rate of shards for higher rarity champs. Just a thought!

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