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Looking for Alliance

Level 55, 360K, looking for mid-tier/similar Silver/HighBronze Alliance for AQ & AW for growth and fun. Daily player but real life comes first.


  • CHIEF1121CHIEF1121 Posts: 18
    Add me on the line app. chief1121 and I’ll talk with ya and send an invite for our alliance
  • spino0ospino0o Posts: 54
    edited October 2019
    You're welcome to check us out. We currently run 3 AQ maps (3.2.2), but are working hard to progress to 4.3.2. We run 2 optional AW battlegroups, meaning members can either focus on AQ or AW (though most play both). And we hit rank rewards on alliance events about half the time. Overall, we're a pretty active group, with a mix of players ready to go uncollected and beginners, though we're in the process of kicking a few less active players (why we're running lower-than-desired AQ maps) For AW, we recommend 4*r5/5*r3 to participate. Feel free to join up and check us out for a while. No chat apps required, no donations, minimal policing. If you're active, we're happy.

    In-game / LINE: spino0o

    Alliance tag: [BwhoC]
  • Lloyd80Lloyd80 Posts: 36
    Check us out spideydna.. we require discord/aq/aw my ign is cheflloyd
  • _Reef_Reef Posts: 243
    no line req, Silver 2 2bg in aw and aq, we just fell from silver 1 and need someone of your caliber to just help out (kaymo) 62Moons
  • VivoukoVivouko Posts: 49
    @SpideyDNA If you are still looking send me a message on line.. name is Vivouko
  • BradMercerBradMercer Posts: 206
    Hey bro, we are gold 3 but by the sounds of it I think you’ll be fine, roster level looks good enough.
    Line bradmercer2.0
    Tag- JSSD
    Check us out mate
  • my alliance is currently recruiting. Alliance tag is TAOTM. Im rebirthing a alliance I built back in 2016 and looking for some fresh players. I have players joining after the AQ season and would love to have you guys. Feel free to message on Discord 2JAM3SYT#4323 gonna make this alliance as fun as possible while also being competitive. Hope to hear from you guys
  • NobelSamuraiNobelSamurai Posts: 8
    Spidey I think we would be a good match for what we're looking for and what you're looking for as well. I'll send you a friend request and an alliance invite. See for yourself. Read our summary and you'll know exactly why I think we fit. My id- NobelSamurai Tag H0W(that's a zero) Hive of Warriors.
  • NobelSamuraiNobelSamurai Posts: 8
    Well, I see that's not your gamer id lol. Check us out bro. We grind hard in this game Because, we enjoy doing it. We are laidback. But we are competitive. We are all in when we play. We are active daily. But, life always is first and foremost. This is our getaway. Our outlet to ger away from life's stresses. Join us you won't regret it. I know you won't want to go anywhere else. Come have fun and remember why you enjoy the game again. While, becoming part of something great
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