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Huge bug concerning gboard on huawei

Hi forum,

Every time I open mcoc my gboard crashes, meaning there is no functionality (dictionary, swiping) whatsoever. Only help is re-installing gboard.
Happened the first time after tonight's update and I'm able to reproduce the bug.

Looking forward to a quick fix, because I can't re-install gboard several times a day!


  • Hey there,

    We need a lot more information. What device are you using, what OS version are you on, what version of the game are you running, and when did this start happening?
  • Hey,

    Huawei P10 VTR-L09 with EMUI running.
    Game Version is 939569.
    It started happening this morning, probably after the last night's update.

    Thx for your quick answer!
  • Hey,

    just a quick but probably important update:
    Since this morning I'm also having the problem after using several other apps, so it seems that it can't be ascribed to mcoc alone!
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