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Venom or Hyperion 5* Both Unduped

I got rank 3 Venom and rank 2 Hyperion . Should I rank 4 Venom or rank 3 Hyperion? Im planning to rank both of them to 4 in the future, I just dont know if I should have them in rank 3 at the same time or first rank 4 Venom. Then all the way Hyperion

Venom or Hyperion 5* Both Unduped 23 votes

Hyperion R3
PantherusNZRazorDevilCropDusterDOKTOROKTOPUSOrcDovahkiinEB54SpiderCoolsYouconfusedFrostyNickelMasterChief1176NimorCaptainPollThoye3Sagittarius78StellanSettlersofCatanBUSHWAGER 17 votes
Venom R4
zuffyErkChampioncriticdoctorbBeyond00_Batman1903 6 votes


  • Sagittarius78Sagittarius78 Posts: 34
    Hyperion R3
    Both are extremely excellent choices, but I give the edge to Hyperion.
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