Flame On did not activate in AQ mini boss fight

I screen recorded for posterity. I activated Torch’s pre fight ability Flame On and it simply did not work or turn on in the fight. I would love to post the video , but for the life of me I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it here. It’s broken.


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    Post it on Youtube.
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    Upload it to youtube, then post the link here. If you can't figure it, you can email me the video at [email protected] and I'll post it to my youtube channel and post it here
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    Thanks Aryl that worked
  • JayerickJayerick Posts: 54
    Thanks Steviemanwonder
  • JayerickJayerick Posts: 54
    As you can see, Torch should be on fire right off the bat putting Nova flame debuffs. Didn’t happen
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    Yeah, seems broke.

    Although, which nodes were present? Also, I wonder if Flame On! is affected by AAR?
  • JayerickJayerick Posts: 54
    First miniboss AQ map 6
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    I’ve seen a similar issue with stealth spidey in aw also, which has been acknowledged but not fixed for months, even if you put web foam on in the pre fight you end up with flash bang in fight, both are pretty annoying bugs
  • Hey there, we're currently looking into this and will be keeping players updated about it in this thread. We'll pass the information you've included to the rest of the team. If you have any further details, could you please share them in that thread? Thanks!
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