6-Stars Discussion Thread

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Hey hey, Peeps! Now that you've had a chance to read our lengthy post about 6-Stars HERE, this is the space to discuss with each other, ask questions, and share your thoughts. As a reminder, a few rules of engagement:

1. Keep it on topic. Off-topic comments will be deleted.
2. Keep it constructive.
3. Be kind to each other. You're going to have differing views from time to time, but we still expect you to speak to each other with respect, no matter what your position is.

We've already anticipated several questions you may have surrounding these, so please take a moment to look them over first - you may find that an answer to your burning questions has already been provided :) Those can be found here.

We realize we've made a few announcements today, if you wish to discuss those please ensure you do so in the relevant discussion threads for those specific topics!

Thanks for reading :)


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    I'm actually in support of it. Everything in its own time. Many of us knew it was inevitable. While I've said it was a ways off in the past, and it was, I think it's important to continue to have new goals. The design is such that no Star Level is obsolete. Just focused on by a different demographic. It's a ways off before they start circulating, but I'm for it.
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    With implantation of 6* champs will we have more levels and masteries available @Kabam Miike to combat them
  • I am excited about the new champs, just feels a bit early to me. I have 13 five star champs though, so if duping a 5 star is the only way to get 6* shards then at 275 I'll need 36 pulls. May not be as early as I think
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    Can we get an impression of how you are going to make 4 * more accessible? I like to buy the 4* daily cards but don't want to spend anything if they're going to be the new 3*.

    One of the ways is with the new Grandmaster Crystal which was also announced today. It contains only 3, 4, and 5 Star Champions. Again, this is still a ways away, and a lot will happen between the announcement today and 6-Star Champions being playable.
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