Next r5 5* or r2 6*

Here are my top champs. Use for next upgrade would primarily by alliance war, act 6 clearing, and full clearing variants 1-3
*Keep in mind that although Captain marvel movie is not awakened in these pics, i do have a cosmic awakening gem i could use on her.

Next r5 5* or r2 6* 17 votes

r5 5* Namor (Unduped)
BlackJ4zzManfréaBolgenHedronPratham02 4 votes
r2 6* Thing (unduped)
MrLalowBahamutK3600 3 votes
r5 5* captain marvel movie (upduped but can be awakened)
Benny_CucumbersDarkrider05Saransh245TaZ_4178TheThibX_Factor_AgentFreeToPlay_21Mirawj 8 votes
r5 blade (duped)
JOHNOSA1995Mjolinar 2 votes
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