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11 mil ally-Maps5&4&3-Line Req-Looking for one member! :)

Hey guys! We r a 11.5 mil ally! We r looking for 1 member!Maps 5&4&3, we just started about 2 months ago and have been doing very well! we r S2, hoping for S1 or G3 next season! We will be AQ focus after this war is over today. We will be trying 3BGs on days we don’t do map 5, Donations r 15k gold, line is req my line ID is 2004lego looking for at least 300k+ rating, if your busy plz let me know, we understand that life comes 1st! We do 2 BGs and BG lists, follow what group u r in. Looking forward to have whoever u r! 😊 and my IGN is Legø and the ally name is BacønStatiøn if you’d like to check us out!
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