Who should I focus on?

Hi All,

I still consider myself a newbie - been playing for about 4 months and landed my first 5 star a few weeks ago - (Cyclops) and all my good 4 stars were stuck waiting for Tier 4 colored catalysts. Fast forward to the past 24 hours I've pulled a 5 Star Cull Obsidian, 4 Star Corvus and upgraded my Captain America IW to 5/5 (level 5).

My question is who to I focus on ranking up?

Do I complete Cap or start on Cull - I loved my 3 Star Corvus - He helped me plow through the early parts of the game, is he in 4 Star the way to go?.

Appreciate the help.

This is the top on my deck:


  • Thi101Thi101 Posts: 305
    Finish cap first, while gathering resources to rank up either corvus or Cull

    That’s what I would do
  • UrbantrollUrbantroll Posts: 2
    edited October 16
    Thanks for the recco - I've maxed out mu Captain America IW 5/5.

    Should I focus on 5 star Cull or 4 star Corvus? Thoughts?

    I read Cull was getting updated but not sure that would make a huge difference between the two - this is my second 5 star. Just looking to build up and get through the stories.
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