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Problem with The Vision (AOU) special attacks

any news regarding why the vision AOU special attacks don't do any damage?
i think this bug was first reported with the release of v14 and it still doesn't works.
i use my Vision mostly in arena and in most fights (not all) it doesn't do any damage (of course I'm talking about cases i land hit and the opponent doesn't block).
last night happened to me against 5* COLOSSUS of kangs\thanos team using sp1\sp2 so there is no mastery that can cause it.
it happened also against 4* champs.
i don't dare to use him in AQ/AW until i'll be sure he got fixed.

it doesn't happens all the time but always happens when you need it the most...
in my opinion this is a serious bug that require urgent fix.
please response
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