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Gladiator Hulk Or Ronin

So, im having a little bit of conflict in me whether to r3 my 5* Ghulk or my 5*ronin.

I would r3 both of them, but im really poor on gold, t1a, and t4b so i have to choose 1 atm, and since im too lazy to grind anything in the game beside EQ, it would take some time before i can r3 the other.

Ghulk is probably the obvious choice for my roster since i need him for act 6, but the thing is i dont have enough units that would act as a fail safe in case i make mistake or something, so i think it woud take a long time before i started to do act 6. But at the same time, Ghulk utility is too good to pass.

In the other hand Ronin damage at r2 after completing his circle is just drawing my attention and he's really fun to play.

So, does anyone has a suggestion ?


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