2 people looking for Alliance that does AW and AQ with 2-3 groups

me and my friend Timm are looking for a alliance we can do AW and AQ with. We play every day but are having a hard time to find a active Alliance,


  • renkagerenkage Posts: 5
    my alliance is stone 2 but we've got a mix of vets, returning and new players you two are more than welcomed to join we run maps 1-3 depending on what else is going on...we stay active remove the inactive players regularly and we're all looking to grow together
  • Hey. I very recently became the leader of my alliance and I want to become active again in AQ and AW but I need a better team to do so. Hence why I am recruiting. I'm removing inactive members and hoping to add active members in. Our tag is "3avng" if you want to look us up.
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