Parry bug with certain champions (On certain devices)

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I've found that after a 2nd medium, I cannot parry with certain characters which I will list below. After the 2nd medium, it pushes the enemy too far back therefore forcing them to land a medium from a longer distance. This in effect causes characters like rhino to become unstoppable and sometimes unblockable after the 2nd medium when fighting against him.

However, it only seems to be affecting my three android devices (Samsung S5, Samsung A70 and Oneplus 3). If it was only occurring on one device Id assume the issue was on my end however I have tried on 3 different ones now. I have seen videos of people on other devices who can parry after the second medium so I'm confused as to why I can't. I can parry fine with other champions, it is only certain champions (in all types of gameplay however) that have this issue making some unplayable.

The ones I have found this bug to affect are:
Human Torch
Symbiote Supreme
Iceman (I can parry after 2nd medium ONLY against symbioids)
(to name a few).

This issue has been going on for months. To give a better example of this, back when bishop was released, he also had this bug where after his 2nd medium he couldn't parry. This was fixed though. It isn't fixed with the champions listed above causing some champions that rely on medium, light, medium combos to be put at a disadvantage. Hope it will be fixed soon.

I also don't mind recording a video or giving screenshots of this in effect if need be.
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