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Looking for G1/G2 Ally..Please read the post in full before connecting

Hey there guys,

I am looking for a gold 1/gold 2 ally for 1 season..

Please consider below points.

1. I will be only staying for 1 season.

2. During the season i will be in extensive travel period for about 8 days wherein i will have very limited acitivity & there are high chances i will miss out on defense for 2 wars during this period since the place where i will be staying for 4 days will have absolutely no network for me to login...

3. Apart from this 8 days period i am a solidly active and averagely skilled player & will play my part most certainly to satisfaction...

Ally i am looking for should be

1. Gold 1 or 2 at a minimum
2. Map 5 X 5 with clearing all bgs and 150 mil points at least.
3. Communicative and friendly....

Ally should be active and clearing aq and aw groups...this requirement might seem a tad overstated considering my 8 days activity..but i am solidly contributing except that 8 day period and i feel i deserve this much at least....

If i fit the bill then heres wer u can contact me:-

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