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Community's Choice: Champion Update Poll



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    FreeToPlay_21FreeToPlay_21 Posts: 1,594 ★★★★

    Daredevil pls guys.if they change HB we have another pain in AW

    @JOHNOSA1995 please tell me the thought process behind this conclusion you've come to.
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    FluffyPigMonsterFluffyPigMonster Posts: 2,069 ★★★★★

    Vote for Daredevil;Hells Kitchen needs a strong guy for defending :)

    I see what you did there
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    WhiteMagic420WhiteMagic420 Posts: 1
    edited October 2019
    <3 </i>#buffHulkbuster!
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    FluffyPigMonsterFluffyPigMonster Posts: 2,069 ★★★★★
    Kabam has made a habit of boosting offensive/attackers when buffing older champions. This is the trend.

    Let’s look at the history of significant champion buffs:

    Red Hulk (leans attacker)
    Luke Cage (leans attacker)
    She-Hulk (leans attacker)
    Spider Gwen (leans attacker)
    Gamora (leans attacker)
    Venom (leans attacker)
    Carnage (leans attacker)

    Colossus will be ? (I don’t know)

    The trend is that we will be able to use Hulkbuster for both Offense and Defense.

    My preference is nostalgic, and I love Iron Man and Daredevil and want them because they look cool, I love the cinematic versions/etc

    To say that Hulkbuster is going to be a defender doesn’t fit the trend of the buffs. I’d be happy if HB was a good attacker as a result of the buff, and I expect it, but to vote on suppositions and opinions when recent history dictates otherwise is not accurate (either way). Maybe Hulkbuster will be a defender primarily.

    I mean - vote for who you want. We don’t control the type of buff. I want Iron Man because he’s awesome. I’m sure other people vote Hulkbuster because they think the same

    Either way the game will be better with one or more older champs catching up with the new Meta
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    0ud3is0ud3is Posts: 9
    edited October 2019
    we need our Devil now that the best show ever is canceled

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    SDPSDP Posts: 1,622 ★★★★
    edited October 2019
    Daredevil has the most potential for unique playstyle and kit. Hulkbuster could use a buff no doubt, but ultimately he’s just another Ironman. What can you give him outside of the typical Ironman kit?

    Daredevil is an open book. Has potential to be a high precision champion with ability to take a ton of damage, glance, counter “miss” champs, evade, etc. The man without fear could be given a list of cool abilities that we don’t have yet. Something based on his superhuman senses. A chance to shrug any debuff perhaps based on his level of “sensory awareness”. He could be a slick offensive weapon as well as a solid defender.

    He could be given powerful synergies with Punisher, Fist, and Luke, creating a sexy Defenders squad worth running.

    It would be cool as hell to have DD relevant in the meta.
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    MoNsTeR_804MoNsTeR_804 Posts: 726 ★★★
    Ya lads, give Iron Man a buff. The genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist needs a buff. #BuffIronMan
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    ThunderEyeThunderEye Posts: 2
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    007md92007md92 Posts: 1,381 ★★★★

    007md92 said:

    007md92 said:

    Unbelievable. Same thing happened with Colossus. You guys we already have annoying defender. We already have our hand full with thing and korg.
    Most of the time
    These 2 destroy us in war.
    It doesn't matter how much u want Colossus and HB to be buffed u know it yourself u will hardly choose them even in attack and defence.
    There is
    Korg thing crawler medusa mordo imiw champion magik void sabertooth mr.s emma modok
    Lot's and lot's of pain in the ass defender in the game. Fine it will increase range.
    But without even thinking
    U outvoted OML in previous poll such a mighty fan favourite character.
    It's a bet that most of the fan base didn't even knew about Colossus before Deadpool movie came out. Huhh!
    Same happened with DD today.
    Unbelievable. Just because top tier players said so just jump in and vote.
    It was KABAM and there Awesm dicission to also go for OML. U can see how much appreciation was made after that.
    Even some players later written in comments that they wish they vote for OML without just jumping in.
    Thank god he is getting buffed.
    Now Atleast concider which is better to use. Given circumstances.
    DD is clearly a fan favourite and have that quality. Just think before u vote.
    Nothing against HB i have him as 5 star.
    But DD needs a rework and a buff.
    Please. #buffDaredevil

    Same thing happened with Colossus? Have you seen the offensive potential of Colossus in the betas? I guess not. What about Venom? He was tagged defensive too, his buff made him one of the best offensive champions in the game. If you want us to take your advice, give us some actual reasons @007md92
    Trust me guessing by your name you are free to play player? Me too.
    The game is a bit tougher and longer for us.
    I have HB as a 3 4 and 5 star. Trust me.
    I am choosing DD cz let me ask u.
    Will u take him as a attacker in
    AW? Or AQ?
    If you play for gold 3 or even silver 1. I don't think u will do it.
    Even after his buff. Or even after Colossus buff comes out. It's not about how many champ can do damage. It's about how many type u can actually use in story mode.
    Content like ROL and LOL made this game like that. And cornered champs as tiers.
    I choose DD coz he has that balance to be a very good attacker and a good defender as well. That's all. I am not asking everyone to say yes to my reason. HB clearly won this round. He will be buffed rest assured. I wish KABAM take DD too. He is underperforming.
    I'm sorry but you don't get to straight up assume that if Daredevil gets buffed, it'll make him a balanced character. He could equally become a super annoying defender, and yes. I'd gladly take Hulkbuster into AQ and AW on the provision that his buff is good.

    I'm a die-hard Daredevil fan, his Netflix series isu favourite show ever. But objectively, Hulkbuster is the overall better choice.

    - He's available as a 6* and 5*
    - He's XL (for Variant 2) and Tech (for Variant 3)
    - A lot of people have him as he's an old champion
    - 2015 rank up gems can be used on him
    - He has great potential for a rework

    If Hulkbuster wasn't an option, I'd definitely go for Daredevil.
    But same can be said for HB. It is wrong to assume that he will be a good attacker or a defender. Even after buff. It will be either one. And if u play for gold 3 and u take HB as a attacker. Then i envy u. Seriously.
    And yeah daredevil series was the best. They did wrong by him cancelling that show.
    But for me DD can be a overall good champ based on some buffs.
    Bdw remember i told u.
    HB won already. He will be buffed.
    I am posting just to get KABAM's attention so that it would be soo good if they also take Daredevil into account too.
    Coz they said they will also go for another champ if the hype is real. Just what they did for OML. Now we all saw between Colossus and OML oml has better options and better utilities to be a good champion. Everyone in the community became very very happy after oml buff.
    If they can take DD too. It would be soo awesm.

    U know with a rework in his animation and fighting style.
    Inflicting bleed as a damage over time.
    Fighting with his stick.
    Inflicting concussion and weakness.
    Start the fight with 1 fury passive.
    Then every 3 hit gaining 1 fury upto 5.
    Each fury increase base attack by 250.
    After 3 fury 100% critical hit until 1 spacial is thrown.
    Guarantee stun after sp1.
    Able to shrug off damage over time debuff 50% faster (his tremendous training as a blind man)
    And after sp2 and sp3 a new GHOST mode.
    Which gives 100% evade and base attack gets doubled for 5 seconds.

    This will make daredavil good i am assuming. Not much but it will do the character good. His damage output is not just low way way low. Take HB to rol.
    HB Atleast does 1k damage sometimes. and with his sp2 good amount of armour break and some ok damage. Where daredevil hardly hits 1k with base attack.
    I mean he is not just underperforming. He is way way way below.
    Remember nothing against HB. I have him as 3 4 5 star.
    HB won already. I am just wondering if KABAM would take DD too.
    Finger crossed.

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    jcville_chojcville_cho Posts: 23
    I really wish the game could reflect, and therefore, stay a bit true to the comics/movies/shows when it comes to power balance, although I have to admit this is impossible, because let's face it, we're in a different premise anyway to comics/movies/shows.

    As a person who love"s" (even after it has been cancelled, I still watch them again) the Netflix series, and consider DD the favourite by far out of all 6 of them, there is no point for the developers to work on Netflix DD, since the show has been cancelled. The whole character was created in MCOC as part of promotion, hence, it has outlived its purpose. Also, it is not a unique character, but rather a different dress-up of the same character. The only character that has this going in the game is Cap, but let's face it, he is the face of the whole Marvel comics. IM versions are different suits; Spidermans are either different suits or symbiotic or different person; these two are not just different dress-ups but literally different characters with different abilities. DD and Netflix DD, you have to admit, are just same characters in a different dress-up. I can allow Cap this, but Netflix DD, when the original DD is not being buffed, I think it is a big waste of resources when the show has been cancelled. I'd much rather keep my 5* Netflix DD as a memoir.

    Ironman (one of the earlier Marks) getting a buff over HB doesn't make sense, because HB was created to deal with situations that the original Marks couldn't handle, i.e. Hulk, XL champs. Ironman having better abilities than HB? Personally, can't accept.. HB has been overlooked by MCU and MCOC; it is time that this was properly addressed, at least in the game.

    And look at what we might be getting; HB that is suitable to deal with Variant. XL champs?.. Does it get any better suited to the comics/movies/shows than this?

    My second choice would actually be BP on the same extent.
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    PeteMagnumPeteMagnum Posts: 11

    Hulkbuster new sp 2 after the buff

    I was just going to post this! lol. So much "YES!" 👍

    I literally won a 6* Hulkbuster from the "Man-Thing bundle!" Crazy timing! 🤑

    I already got my 6* Daredevil CLASSIC!

    Now, "Daredevil Canceled" goto sleep, goto sleep, goto sleep! 😜🤣
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    GoldballsGoldballs Posts: 4
    Buff them all.
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    Dark_King888Dark_King888 Posts: 227
    Black Panther Civil War or HulkBuster
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    Surfin_silverSurfin_silver Posts: 23
    Knillink said:

    Watch KT1's video. He's right, Hulkbuster will still probably only be a defensive champ, OG Ironman needs the buff and can potentially be a good offensive and defensive champ.

    Kt1 is just plain wrong imo, its kind of silly to try to anticipate a buff Just on your own personal feelings lol. this man could come out as sleek and agile as catwoman if they wanted to make him that way Lmao but seriously though we have no idea where the buff will go and i highly doubt a character with as much potential as HB will be purely defensive.

    Hes the worst in the game lets bring this man up and make him useful

    Besides if you wanna make the defensive argument, he’ll be buffed anyway eventually. if not now, then later when the game has progressed and their ideas are even more annoying so really its a win win no matter what side you’re on
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    DrewmDrewm Posts: 2
    If Daredevil wins, I'll leave America
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    Voten por el cegaton
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    Master_mischief69Master_mischief69 Posts: 236 ★★
    Kabam, i have only one question.... How many years i have to wait for this champion update... You don't give the updates for#oldmanlogan and Colossus.... LOL!!! That's why I am asking this....
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    yash98yash98 Posts: 68

    Ya everyone vote hulkbuster because seatin said so! Don't think for yourselves 🙄

    lmao why so salty just cause your choice isnt winning? alot of people are voting for hb cause hes one of the popular trash pulls people seem to get, it makes most sense that hes winning cause majority of people already have him and want to make good use of him
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    yash98yash98 Posts: 68
    Biiver said:

    Why hulkbuster, **** champ, who just going to less **** with an upgrade and still no use at all

    wow, you must be a kabam emloyee knowing what the hulkbuster update is going to be already?
    Do spill the beans on what changes are coming
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    FuriousVFuriousV Posts: 13
    Guys, one of two trash must be playable
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    DD Netflix for me to buff
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    Corvus_CoraxCorvus_Corax Posts: 3
    Pls, #buffDaredevil
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    PeteMagnumPeteMagnum Posts: 11
    Even a blind man can see that Hulkbuster is the obvious choice! (SEE what I did there?) 🙈🤣
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    Spartan117Spartan117 Posts: 4
    MAGA - Make Abomination Great Again eventhough he never was 😁😁😁😁
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    I am torn between HB and DD so I voted for DD to add to his total so hopefully they can both get buffed. At this point, if folks want both to get buffed DD needs to get your vote! HB's got this so throw your vote to DD!
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