LF Top 500 AQ Map 6x5. Plat 4 alliance. Asia Timezone preferred.

Need some of them Map6 and AQ rewards to continue ranking up my roster.
I've been looking for something that will fit my needs.

Message me up if you've got an opening that's similar to what I'm looking for. I got a couple of leads right now and hoping to move before AQ starts up again.

Prestige 10.5k

IGN: jāyson
Line: jaysonng
Telegram @jayson


  • NYY2728NYY2728 Posts: 27
    How are you bud? Are you still looking for an alliance?

    Hit me up: Line ID nyy2728
    Tag HWH99
  • jaysonjayson Posts: 30
    Update: no longer looking. I’ve joined an alliance.
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