Uncollected status revoked



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    Well 16 year you shuld had ikow it isn’t fair to chest in online game or hav you play great the auto to much.
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    TTV_F4TE said:

    Account sharing man ... gave it to someone who was expert in beating the collector... and i was a kid ... didnt know what was i doing ... now i am an adult and i know now

    so you should have no problem starting another account and doing it without help
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    I’m sure you will benefit from this, lesson learned (I hoped you learned the lesson) is worth more than a title, it makes you a better person after.. this is just a game but you develop friendship and learn how to respect others from it.. I stopped at 5.2.6 as soon I god the ‘Uncollected’ title it was tougher then with my 4* and limit 5* (mediocre champions). Now I think I can beat it easier.
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    Just run it again.

    Without cheating
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    Have you restarted your game? Got my title after I restarted

  • TTV_F4TETTV_F4TE Posts: 81
    Yeah guys learnt my lessons .... cheaters never prosper ... imma do it the right way now

  • TTV_F4TETTV_F4TE Posts: 81
    Aryl said:

    Why is this thread so funny

    His literal response to me was nuh uh you are!

    So very adult of him.
    Stfu .... is this better ?
  • TTV_F4TETTV_F4TE Posts: 81
    Aryl said:

    Just run it again.

    Without cheating

    He can't. Once it's revoked, he can't get it back.
    I can ... there is a chance of redemption
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    He's a streamer btw too!
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  • lmao
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