Looking for alliance

Looking for a map 6 alliance
Prestige: 8607
Trying to get into the game by being with a more competitive alliance that enjoys doing alliance events (completion, item use, arena)
I’m in the US west coast/PST/gmt -8
Discord: joker7346 #7573


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    TwistedcowgirlTwistedcowgirl Posts: 151
    Would you consider map5... 1 5x5 BG 15x4 and 1 55544, silver2, love a bit of competition with item use, champ Use etc.... great bunch of guys and gals...
    my line ID is Twistedcowgirl...
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    Hey Joker7346,
    Added you in-game as your LINE was not showing up for me.

    Anyway, we score well over 200M in AQ mixing in about 5 map 6's across the 3 BGs. We were plat4 s11 and fell to gold1 in s12 after some burnout, which has led to us looking to fill some spots!

    [PHÑTM] Phantom Authority is the name of the alliance.

    My LineID: mgrantporter
    IGN: mgrantporter

    Hit me up if you're interested.
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