Collecting champions of lower rarity for Uncollected Title!

Dear Kabam,

I have been playing your amazing game since dec. 17 2014, 7 days after game release. However I have created this account only now to share this idea with you.

I think it would be awesome to be able to collected all existing 2 stars and 3 stars champions on request for uncollected or cavaliers players only along with sig stones.
Example: I want a 2star Kang or 2stars Warlock just for collection purposes. Lets say my goal is to have a clear roster of all champ maxed out sig 99 for the lower rarity (including maestro and the collector potentially)
My thoughts were a quest were you have to fight with a single mutant champ against all 2stars tech champions that exists in order to have the tech champ you want (following the Kang and warlock exemple) basically fight against class agains the whole class.
This would allow older player to show their skill even with 2 and 3 stars instead of grinding for a champ and bring the “ Catch Them All” Pokémon spirit in some of us.
I really enjoyed this event you did with exclusive 2 stars on pvp, but i can’t take their sig up now.

Anyway thanks for listening, my in game name is jeremymymy.
Hope you ll consider.
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