6.2k prestige player looking for a map 2 ally. (european prefered)

Hi, I`m a 6.2k player.
I have been in a map 3x5x5 ally for a while and want to take a step back. I`m also focussed on getting elder's bane and want to have some decent champs free for that.
I completed 2 variant versions and am cavalier. So I have good experience to run AQ and AW.
Aw is not something that is needed for me, but I will put effort in if the ally runs it.
If the ally plays other maps but has 1 bg with map 2 that I can join that is ofcourse fine aswell.


  • LionahLionah Posts: 11
    Hey. Got an alli that will have some apots free soon. Combination of players who wanna relax from the stress of competition and some lowbies learning the ropes. So we run atleast one map 2 all days. And usually have atleast one map 4 (maybe map 5 if ppl want it) for those who want some more challenging.

    You can add Isilwen in game if you're interested.
  • TOGETOGE Posts: 2
    Join us!
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