What's the deal with Mephisto in Uncollected monthly?



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    Human Torch with flame on literally burns the devil himself. Those power stings make the fight easier too.

    I pulled a 6* HT but I must be using him wrong.
    The one time I tried all his incinerates just feed Mephisto power
    They didnt activate the preflight ability.
    Like I said, I must be doing something wrong.
    I only just got him and know nothing about how to use him
    At the character select screen before the fight, click on HT and activate his ability. It can only be used once per quest, so save it for Meph.
    if unduped, if he is duped you can potentially use it more.
    Yeah, I assumed since he just pulled him as a 6* he wasn't duped.
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    @The_One watch:

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    @The_One watch:

    Wish I'd known that before.
    Still Blade did the job just as well.
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    jdrum663 said:

    Okay, I'm not great but not terrible. I just can't beat Mephisto in Uncollected monthly event. I've watched all of the videos, use the champs they recommend, just can't beat him. Tons of potions, about 1,000 units, all wasted. Nameless Thanos wasn't this difficult and I had weaker champs then. If it matters I'm using r4 5* IMIW, Cap'n Murca, Ice Man, Hyperion, and a maxed 4* Void and Blade. I couldn't even use Void, he gets KO'd in less than 2 seconds. Is anyone else having this hard of a time? Spare me the got gud andvbfag responses please. I know there are guys a lot better than me, but I'm not terrible. Thanks!

    I haven’t had any issues wIth him, do you have a quake? Just hold heavy/parry method (never hit him) and he goes down easy.
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    Hellow said:

    yeah this is a "you" issue nothing too special about this guy blade should get him down easy parry and heavy if you really want to play it safe
    iceman should be fine and void too
    if void is dying in 2 secs you definitely need help

    How is Void dying in 2 seconds? Are you taking hits? Mephisto is really a piece of cake with Void. I have a 4* max as well. Just bait his specials and then parry when he goes unstoppable until you can hit him again. Rinse and repeat. To make things a little easier, you could "soften him up" with your other champs first to get his health down and then use Void to go in for the kill.
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    Honestly, this is my first ever 100% Uncollected EQ. My go-to for Mephisto was a 4* sig 99 Void. The only time I lost health was the chip damage from parries.
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    Unduped Void I just use s2's. I also had Aegon, Iceman and Ghost but Void was best by far for me.
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    Yeah, no judge @Bboychobo, but let me get this straight. You have a 5* Rank 5 Void, but you still use a medium, quadruple light combo?
    Now thats some funny stuff. “Medium last hit who?” lol
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    Bboychobo said:

    Let me break out my 5:65 Void.. oh wait I only have a three star lol.
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    I took Havok in because he's incenerate immune but funny enough I ended up doing more damage with Wasp with the 3 combo into a heavy.
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