Guillotine 2099 Power Gain Synergy

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Guillotine 2099's "AI Uprising" synergy (Gain 70% of a bar of power each time an immunity prevents an effect) seems super effective for nodes such as caltrops/biohazard and champs like Morningstar. Any other possible nodes/champs that this synergy may be effective against?


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    Warlock against Iceman and Aarkus
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    Kabam: Did we say 70% of a bar of power? We meant 7%! That was the original intention.
    Kabam: Did we say 7% of a bar of power? We meant 0.7%! That was the original intention.
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    Kabam: You know what? I dont think that synergy was ever supposed to be there. Oopsie!

    Kabam: You know what? Guillotine 2099 wasn't even supposed to be in the game.
  • Kabam: You know what?

    Summoner: What?

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