How to manage AQ AW with work



  • TheVyrusTheVyrus Posts: 418 ★★★
    You play when time allows, it is mobile game.

    If your alliance mates can't understand you have real world responsibilities, find a new one.

    Your family and career should never take backseat to a game.
  • WHOz_R4GEWHOz_R4GE Posts: 239 ★★
    Find a BG that is active. My BG runs 66666 and we finish AQ by 10:00 AM EST, and we finish AW between 9:30-10:30 PM the same day it starts.
  • Ocs06Ocs06 Posts: 79
    Prefer non node paths, If you are so busy. As a group, play systematically and use energies wisely. There is a system who uses energy first, second, third etc. Map 5, map 6 can be finished easyly 5-6 hours before it ends. I havent experienced map 7 yet but I am sure It can be played same.
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