Who to r5 next?

I'm at an impasse and have to decide who to r5 next. Not cavalier yet, working on a few variants but none of these seem relevant for that. Only 5/65 before this is a domino. Void is sig 200, CM is around 30-40 sig, and corvus is unduped. While I know void is absolutely amazing I'm wary that his utility is maximized at this point at 4/55 and it isnt necessary to r5 him, where the other 2 just gain raw damage. Also, no nick fury synergy for CM. Any input is greatly appreciated!

Who to r5 next? 16 votes

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  • MatiEspinozaMatiEspinoza Posts: 93
    I have them both at R5 and this is my opinion:
    You will really use Corvus to become a cavalier, specially if you have Proxima midnight for the true strike synergy in 6.1.2. The sentinel boss in 6.2 is way easier with him and you don’t actually need to awakening him
    In the other hand, CMM doesn’t rely on the synergy but is a great buff.
    CMM damage is huge, but you will have to rank it up first, with Corvus you will have straight from the beginning.
    Both are top tier champions but if you next goal is to become cavalier Corvus is your guy, he also would be helpful if some day you want the Legends title
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