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A Seriously Needed AI Blocking Fix

I have come here today to talk about your AIs and their blocking ability. To put it simply, I am extremely annoyed with the fact that they spend over 95% of a fight in block.

Now, I have no qualms with this happening in monthly quests and the like, other than the fact that it drags a fight out a lot longer than I have the patience for when I just want to defeat them and be done with it. But, when the same thing is happening in Alliance Quest and Alliance War-which are time sensitive fights-then it becomes a severe problem.

I have tried teasing your AIs in these fights by standing blatantly out of block, I have tried hitting them once in the hopes that this would do something, I have even tried throwing a special (as I have had them attack after doing so). However, nothing seems to pull them out of block and I think that this needs to be fixed, as I have had fights come to the 1 second mark because of how long the AI stays in block.

Quite simply, I would like you to make the AI unable to stay in block for no longer than 3 seconds before they are forced to attack. This will definitely help, as it will keep a fight from dragging out to the point that you are in danger of losing half of your fighter’s health because the time ran out. And trust me, I have more extreme suggestions than this, but I am hoping that this simple fix will help out players, like myself, who are having this same issue.

Please, take a look at your AIs in AQ & AW and if you are experiencing this same thing, then please fix this.
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