We are seeking new members to fill in the last 2 spots for war and aq. People will ideally be skilled players with multiple ranked 4* and 5* champions. Additionally, players must be active & clearing lanes with communication. Most of the players are located US & EU, but active enough to play with most international players.

Communication is key. We use line, and so should you.

Us: Active, committed, talkative and helpful, & easy going. We run AQ 5, 4, & 3. A bg dedicated to each, but will change as groups increase in skill.

You: Must hit at least 3 out of the four requirements listed in bold above.

Preferred Method of Contact Line: Kcargo

If you can not find me on line, you can contact me in-game using the same name.


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    Update: There was a typo for the line name.

    The Line name is: Kcargo1

    We are still looking for two players.
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    We are still seeking two players. Please message the line name mentioned in the second post.
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    We are still seeking 2 players.
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    We are still seeking two players to join the alliance.
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    Seeking 3 players to replace two secondary accounts and fill one vacancy. Must be able to complete aq map 4 and actively participate in aw.

    Please contact through line:
    Kcargo1 or rsfoto
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    We are still seeking members. Laid back and easy going group, but active players.
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    We are still seeking 3 active members that use line for communication.
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    Still seeking 3 players.
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    We filled the empty spot, but we are still seeking 2 people to replace secondary accounts in our third bg. We run aq map 4 in that bg and aw regularly.
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    We are seeking 2 players again. We removed 2 and need to fill the spots. This will be for aq 4, and aw once we can see everyone is active and participating. (New players holding their own)

    Please contact us on line:
    Kcargo1, rsfoto, or jit_fearless
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    We have filled all spots in the alliance, but looking to replace 1-2 inactive players that have volunteered to stick around until a replacement has been found. Please contact the people listed in a prior post for additional information.
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