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Need help - Act 5.2.4 is so tough

Hi Guys,

my main team is 4* Blade, 4*Mephisto, 5*star Starky, 4* Corvus and Quake.

I completed Act 4, Act 5.1, 5.2,1, 5.2.2, and 5.2.3 with the above team with no revived nor credit unit used.

However, i find it difficult to pass 5.2.4. Try many combination. still does not work. Cannot even pass two people. :(

below are my champ. Can you help to let me know which champ i should bring in?


  • PerceptronPerceptron Posts: 169
    alone spidey wil help u in this quest, poise charges 10 will give u insane amount of damage, learn to intercept , dont peerry
  • te_dua_shumte_dua_shum Posts: 1,001 ★★★★
    edited October 2019
    Sabretooth with KM/BP synergy can actually bypass masochism, so you can parry without problem;
    Crossbones may be helpful too, stack at least five furies and you'll shut down all abilities;
    Blade with full synergy team could do the trick, but i don't know if there's a path where his danger sense will be active for a lot of fights;
    Archangel stop regen and kill quickly, but i would recommend to learn how to double-parry or how to punish heavies/specials with your own heavy;
    Cap IW has a really good block prof, perfect for double-parry, also his SP1 stop the node when cap is charged;
    X-23 can recover all the damage, it might be a long fight but doable.

    These are just a couple of suggestions, personally i used AA for half the fights and Cap IW and SW for the other half, keeping Sentinel for the Boss (remember that it will have the Caltrops node if you don't take the Caltrops path, so you'll need a bleed immune) ^_^ finally, i think that high damage dealers like Sparky, Corvus (don't parry), Medusa can outdamage the regen... hope that it helps ^_^
  • HSCHSC Posts: 87
    Thanks all for the inputs!
  • MasterChief1176MasterChief1176 Posts: 213
    You're not the only one stuck my friend.
  • SceptilemaniacSceptilemaniac Posts: 1,195 ★★★★
    I'm very sorry but I think you need a bit more practice with the game if you're finding it THAT difficult with such a roster.
    I mean 5.2.4 surely is hard and bane is such a fun node to play with as you'll see but only if you learn to play it well, will you enjoy playing.
  • Thi101Thi101 Posts: 802 ★★★
    5.2.4 is Masochism, right?

    Personally, I don’t think Quake will be that optimal on this quest, cause if I remember correctly she only evades if the opponent has a Concussion debuff. Masochism will just straight up eat the Concussion.

    I do have two suggestions though...
    Either you bring a champion that causes the least debuffs possible, and try to intercept more, to prevent them from healing
    Or use someone that can cause a lot of debuffs. Like a LOT of bleeds, armor breaks and stuff. Someone who can deal those with minimum effort quite frequently. Yes, they will constantly heal, but the fight becomes easier, because you’ll be able to parry more often.

    Regarding the path, I took the one going for Yellowjacket (beefed up Ant-Man with glance is a pain), going to Deadpool right after.

    I hope I could help
  • Bigg_DoggBigg_Dogg Posts: 128
    5.2.4 is fresh in my mind. All suggestions are great. Duped arch angel 4 star and a capiw 4 star were my MVPS. Bypass the mode entirely with sabretooth killmonger or bpcw synergy. I also ranked up unduped 4 star proxima midnight with her perfect blocks which helped a ton. Bring sparky or original hulk for collector. Good luck and go straight for uncollected afterwards for the new calendar bonus
  • Kevo9513Kevo9513 Posts: 356 ★★
    I used ghost and forgot the node existed
  • HSCHSC Posts: 87
    Many thanks.

    Need to practice more :)
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