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Unduped Sentinel to 4/55 - worthy investment for V3 and late-game content?

OctoberstackOctoberstack Posts: 872 ★★★★
edited October 2019 in Strategy and Tips
So far I've only done one initial clear of v3 chapter 1, and that was with a 5/50 Ghost. If I was to go for chapters 2/3 completion, my team would be - Ghost (w/ Wasp, Antman, Hood) + Sentinel

I'm looking to use minimal revives and little to no units (I've got a stash of pots to heal between fights), and I'm tempted to take my Sentinel to 4/55 to make my life a bit easier (especially when it comes to dealing with specific problem fights like Colossus/Rogue/Kang).

I'm hesitant to pull the trigger though, especially since he's unduped. I know this doesn't matter too much in v3 as he gains analysis charges twice as fast, but if I'm taking a champ to 4/55 I want to be able to use him effectively and efficiently in other content too.

I guess the main questions I'd love to get some insight on would be:

1. How useful is Sentinel in Act 6 and Variant 2/3?
2. How's his fight-to-fight sustainability as a 4/55?
3. Is the increase in damage output between 3/45 and 4/55 significant enough to justify taking him up to r4 even when he's unduped?

I've done a lot of research on auntm.ai and YouTube, but would greatly appreciate any further insight into people's past experiences with a r3/r4/r5 Sentinel, especially in content such as Act 6, v2, and v3. Thanks in advance!

Unduped Sentinel to 4/55 - worthy investment for V3 and late-game content? 19 votes

Take him to 4/55
Spity68TortoigBuckeyeKPLvernon15CliffordcanPeterQuillManar198xFhfjghhggggjfhfjgZeezoosAlexAvalonEinfachSoThe_WatcherPerceptronNimorNik_860TheInfinty 16 votes
Keep him at 3/45
FreeToPlay_21 1 vote
Wait until he's duped before taking him to 4/55
StingerbkDead1 2 votes
Other (please specify)


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    NimorNimor Posts: 110
    Take him to 4/55
    It kinda depends on what utility holes he will cover as a r4 for you. Do you have bleed/poison immune? Do you have consistent heal block/incinerate/armor break? Overall sentinel is a solid champion with a lot of utility worthy of a r4 even without his dupe in my opinion UNLESS you have better options already that cover most of what he does. He is very durable and his heal although you won't use it very much since you need 2 sp3s proved really useful to me in v3 (550 sentinel back then). He is the best champion for v3 along with ghost, i m currently doing the exploration with my r4. I hear he is great for the rest of the variants (no personal experience there).
    To sum this up
    1. Act 6 not sure i suppose he is quite good there. v3 probably the best answer to most fights (along with ghost). v2 really good since XL champion.
    2. He is one of the most durable champions (you can check seatin's vid that showcases that sentinel can kill ws in less hits than ws needs to kill him :p)
    3. I would have to say yes. Sentinel is not a damage machine and his ramp up is a bit slow especially when unawakened. Imo ranking him up covers where he seems to be a bit behind. Don't get me wrong when you get him to full analysis his damage is more than respectable.
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    OctoberstackOctoberstack Posts: 872 ★★★★
    edited October 2019
    @Nimor Thanks for the super comprehensive answer!

    Currently my only high-ranked answers to biohazard nodes are 6* OR and 4/55 Namor, but I do lack a consistent heal blocker (aside from a 4* AA, who isn't always a viable option). I can definitely see Sentinel being a good option for bulky Mr Sinisters down the line, and even at 3/45 I can see the value in the shock and incinerate DOTs he can consistently stack at max analysis.

    How have you found him at 4/55 for your V3 exploration? Have you come across many problem fights he couldn't handle? What have you found to be his main weaknesses in V3?

    Sorry about the question spam haha, I'm just looking for as much info as possible before making my decision - my account is still quite young so 4/55 is still a pretty significant move to make for me
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    NimorNimor Posts: 110
    Take him to 4/55
    Haha i completely understand @Octoberstack
    In general he has been great for the exploration. I only had real trouble on the 50% power gain/all or nothing path since you can't really get the opponents down before their sp3 even when you build up full analysis before even landing your first hit. I had to use 4star ghost there and well it wasn't exactly pretty. From what i ve scouted ahead most paths seem manageable by a sentinel with a couple exceptions. Only fully explored ch1 and working on the rest slowly so take that last info with a grain of salt.
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    FreeToPlay_21FreeToPlay_21 Posts: 1,594 ★★★★
    Keep him at 3/45
    I personally find playing unawakened Sentinel very hectic, plus a 3/45 can easily get you your Variant 3 completion with the increased analysis gain rate. If you find a way to awaken him, take him to 4/55, maybe even 5/65.
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    BuckeyeKPBuckeyeKP Posts: 693
    Take him to 4/55
    took mine r4 unduped and he's been key for v2 and v3. v3 global buffs eliminate the need for his dupe anyway.
    Very, very useful
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