Act 5.2 decisions

I'm currently at 5.2.4 and this are my champions that i can r5 from my 4*, need advice to choose 1 from each of the different classes to r5 from what i got (on skill i r5 NF and from mutant domino, on science i have a 5* r3 quake)


  • AleorAleor Posts: 2,182 ★★★★
    If you can, r3 a 5* instead
    Or listed I'd prefer:
    Mystic - magik
    Tech - sl
    Cosmic - hype
    Science - spider Gwen (mostly to counter unstoppable, but it shouldn't be a problem on act 5. Maybe 5.2.6 boss, but I'm actually not sure if he goes unstoppable)
  • Ad1079Ad1079 Posts: 2
    I completed 5.2.4 with Cap Am IW 5* r3, so hes option for 4star. Reason why is because you will find that Glancing your opponent will help you so much, when your baiting the opponent out, and he damage is mad. Quake will also do.

    Hyp is a good option as well as Doc OC. Hope that helps
  • Des99Des99 Posts: 49
    cosmic-cm movie
  • HamloyHamloy Posts: 41
    So magik is so far the obvious mystic choice, SL or doc oc (leaning towards sl 2bh)
    Science is a tough one
    And on cosmic hyperion is in the lead but is corvus or cpt marvel better then him perhaps?
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