Compensation for constant maintenance during arena

First there was unscheduled maintenance, then emergency, now were we are at the 4th crash of the night and we deserve something for how poorly this game has been operating the last couple months at least for 14.1 up until now we should be compensated it's been almost unplayable


  • Kronos987654321Kronos987654321 Posts: 584 ★★★
    I don't normally like the scream for compensation but with this stupid fight Recovery systems I've lost half health on 3 of my AQ champs now, and that's pretty unforgivable
  • DD2DD2 Posts: 309 ★★★
    Shafting everyone in AQ and arena

    How is Kabam going to compensate people? 4 and 5* shards? T4bs? We're not going to be made whole they're going to toss us a few cheap revives and call it a night. I feel for the poor souls who miss out on Hood.
  • I just fought a 217 magik with a 4k+ captain America. Stopped right at the end. Now I'm going to lose half my health to a 217 that I locked out with a couple of hits. B.S.
  • NinjAlanNinjAlan Posts: 358 ★★★
    We will be lucky to see any form of compensation
  • TheBaldAvengerTheBaldAvenger Posts: 240 ★★
    Need 30 minute timers for AQ ASAP
  • WafflesalldayWafflesallday Posts: 189
    I don't usually cry for compensation for anything but this is beyond ridiculous. compensation is needed
  • I agree, this is the first time that I've seen so many server crashes and it softened with emergency maintenance. And so many times it's happened over the past few months not one time has the Grandmaster apologized for this and has compensated us. I mean c'mon kabam please do better and don't just show love to the 1%. The rest of us also spend money and time in this game.
  • sbb75sbb75 Posts: 208
    We are being compensated. They cut the price to r5 a 5* from (4) T5B to (2) T5B.
  • Kayser2705Kayser2705 Posts: 96
    Free 4* hood as compensation
  • i thought it was issue with my wifi connection. so i restarted my router 5 times. then i restarted my phone 3 times only to find emergency maintenance screen. this is bs.
  • I can compensate with my roster, but I have a homie, Biggbaby74, who is doing his first 4 star basic arena. He has 13 4 star champs, 2 of which aren't high enough level to use, and 4 max 3 star champs, and a bunch of 2/20s. He's been grinding his a** off. So I really feel for him. He definitely deserves some compensation.
  • I finally get him to play and he's been loving it, but this has killed his desire and motivation. Thanks Kabam.
  • nelly22nelly22 Posts: 64
    Who wants a 4* hood now. All 4* chumps will be bench warmers in a few months.
  • MrcMumbleMrcMumble Posts: 161
    edited August 2017
    If you didn't learn from the Dr.Voodoo outage, at best you'll only be getting a few arena buffs for a future arena. This one is completely shot... And that's best case scenario. Don't worry though even though the game is infested with bugs, 6*s are coming..... >_<
  • CrusherCrusher Posts: 305
    6* crystal... Will be good for compensation...
  • Update 5th or 6th crash of the night hope 4 mil gets hood or I'll be pissed I was on schedule to hit 5 mil bms
  • SaxzillaSaxzilla Posts: 19
    These outages hurt play so much. I put $ into this and lost critical fights due to outages. This sucks. I've been playing 4 years and this is worst. I hope kabam makes it right or I'm out and no more $. What a waist. Everyone makes mistakes and this is Kabam's fault. I hope they make it right so I can enjoy game again.
  • I've been playing for 2 years and never once until 14.1 came out did the thought of quiting cross my mind
  • You know what we need to boycott this game some how and make them listen if it wasn't for us playing the game they would have no game
  • It's only fair for them to admit there problems and fix them in my opinion nothing will be done unless we stand United and make them listen there has to be a way
  • In all reality everyone who grinded for the hood and don't get it they wasted there time there units to recharge it's not fair and they know it
  • I am at work and trying to hit 5 mil by the time the arena is over but now I am probably not going to hit the mark for Hood. This is just a waste of time. Kaban should lower the mark to at least 3.5mil for those going for Hood. This is getting old. I don't know that 5mil will be the mark but at least that would have been on me. But this loss is on Kaboom!!!
  • Exactly 5 mil was my mark and I was in schedule to get there but 6 crashes for 30 minutes at the time kinds ruined that and I ended up with 4.5 I pray it's enough
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