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Quality of kabam support chat

Seriously can we have this addressed. These people have never played the game and don't understand the players.

Some examples of really poor service I have seen.

1. When the guardian of the galaxy hero use event wasnt paying out ranked rewards, people went to support chat and were told there score of 400k wasn't high enough to rank.
2. When people didn't receive there mordo immediately, they were telling people there score of 6 million was not high enough to rank
3. Last gem I have just seen is them telling someone elektra is working as intended V spider man (as we all know it isn't because here ability accuracy reduction isn't reducing his evade at all)

You would be better off getting volunteers from the player base to provide this service in exchange for ingame items.


  • LombixxLombixx Posts: 1
    Come posso riavere il mio profilo lombixx mi avete bannato con tutti i soldi che ho speso vi denuncio se mi ridate accont
  • FluffyFluffy Posts: 446 ★★
    Well, Elektra only reduces Spider-Man's evade if he is under a debuff. Is that the case?
  • HerediusHeredius Posts: 29
    I think Kabam hires an outside company and neither of them care unfortunately. Have a problem? They will give a form that is supposedly sent to the developers. I bet it ends up in the trash.

    You are better off asking the cashier at your nearest grocery store for help.
  • KML15KML15 Posts: 139
    Support is so bad its hardly even worth submitting a ticket. My few experiences with them left me in awe how terrible the service was. Didn't answer my questions, failed to address them, and gave irrelevant advice to the solution.
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