warlock sp3 working as intended

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warlocks sp3 is supposed to be a 100% power drain over however many seconds very similar to red skull or omega red (if opp has 30 spores on him). however with warlock if you push your opp to L3 they are able to L3 you before the power drain starts. is this working as intended?

p.s this is for kabam to respond if its working as intended. however if you are having the same thing happen please comment. also for those of you who want to take issue with the sky being blue or stand up against the unfair treatment you get at the rmv by all means leave your meaningless comment or insult. everyone else who is constructive and adds to this community i thankyou for keeping it going!!!!


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    I think its just the power drain being slow and the champ triggers the sp3 fast enough to launch it before the power drain starts.

    but i only recently pulled Warlock so havent had extensive testing with him.

    i'm interested to follow this thread.
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    It’s not instant and takes time. At 3 bars they have .5 seconds before the first tick.

    Special 3 - Dine & Smash
    Inflict a Passive Power Burn on the Opponent, draining 100% of their current Power over 5.50 second(s) and dealing damage proportionate to the amount lost.
    Regenerate 620.32 Health for each Infection the Opponent has.

    Developer’s Note: The Power Burn includes any Power the Opponent gains from being hit by the attack. But since the Power Burn is over time, the Opponent still has a chance to activate Special Attacks while their Power is draining.
  • Hey there, as others have mentioned, the Power Burn drains the opponent's Power over time, and so there may be small windows where the opponent's can launch their Special Attacks before they're drained below that bar of Power. You'll want to keep an eye on your opponent's Power before you launch the attack, and while you are attacking them afterward while their Power is still being drained, in order to prevent them from getting the most out of what Power they have left as it drains. You can find more info about Warlock and insights from the team in his Champion spotlight here.
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