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Looking for a new alliance

Hi, i am a veteran player looking for a relaxed alliance running AQ map 3-4 with no AW.

769k rating, based in Europe. Very active.

Line ID: sastom806


  • Hey Sastom join us please we are in need of strong players like you for Alliance quest s and Alliance war no pressure just do ur best we will not force you just we will need some help to defeat alliance war boss if we can't .Please join us.
  • Hey Sastom add me if interested my
    In game name is Praneeth-6
    Alliance name- Warriors of Marvel 616 universe
    Please join we are in desperate need of a player like you.I hope you will join. I will be waiting for you
  • Ground_Round1Ground_Round1 Posts: 967
    We fit some of your criteria...but we definitely fit the "relaxed" part...

    We are a group of moderate players who work together to maximize rewards. Most of us are 5x5 burnouts who just enjoy playing without all the AQ/AW pressure.

    AW: 2 BG's in season, 1 BG off season. Traditionally we are G2, but last season slipped into G3. Hoping to bounce back.

    AQ: 544, 544, 444, 444, 433 for 80-90 mil weekly.

    400-500k SA weekly, small minimums just to help us weed out the deadwood, no donations.

    We use discord for group chat.

    Holler if this sounds good. We had a few key players retire, and looking to be 30 strong very soon.

    ground round#0363 in discord, Ground Round in line, Gound Round in game.
  • Colinwhitworth69Colinwhitworth69 Posts: 3,755 ★★★★★
    We are Gladiators is a friendly, team-oriented, and chill, focused on Alliance Quest (required), with players optionally running Alliance War (up to you, not required).

    We're looking for players comfortable with map 4 in AQ and who share our outlook about the game.

    We are Gladiators is a middle tier alliance that is fun, chill, and relaxed -- with no drama. Our lives outside the game take priority. Still, in AQ we surpass 80 million and 100 percent in all three maps each week, with no trouble, and are organically growing toward 90 million. We're focused on gathering resources and building our rosters.

    Our alliance works well because we communicate. We use Telegram as our communication app. This is required, and this is what makes this alliance work so well.

    For AQ, we play 5 days a week, in 3 BGs. We complete all 3 BGs 100%. BG 1 plays maps 5-4-4-4-4; BG 2 plays 4-4-4-4-3; and BG 3 plays 4-4-4-3-3.

    There are no mandatory donations.

    My IGN is Col. Corndog.

    You can also find me on Telegram -- my username is @cwhitworth. Please don't forget to use the @ in front of my name in the search box of the Telegram app or you won't find me.

    Line: colcorndog

    Hope to hear from you.
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