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"Beat the Boss" Calendar - new side quest concept

Hello Kabam, hello forum users!

I want to post here a personal idea regarding a new event that could be added to Marvel Contest of Champions in order to spice our months a little. Even though I haven't seen Kabam answer to this kind of suggestions I hope that they will read it... and who knows?

The concept is easy: a combination of "Beat the Boss Tournament", a "Monthly Calendar" and a "Legend Run".

1. There will be a new calendar created. Each day we "unlock" or receive to play one champion. For instance in Day 1: Thor, Day 2: Hawkeye, Day 3: Ultron... and so on. Every player will get access to the same champion - it will not be added to the personal roster. You simply can use him during that day inside this event. The champion can be a fully maxed four star or a fully maxed five star. This will also give a chance to small players to test or feel the play with a champion that they do not have yet.
2. Each week there is a Boss that the daily champions will face. 4 weeks - 4 bosses. The boss should be a high stacked existing champion with at least 10 millions life points.
3. The goal is:
- still be alive at the end of the battle :)
- to beat the boss in the quickest time possible (ONLY the fight time will count, no pre-loading screens, you cannot pause the fight)
- to have the largest amount of life points on your champion
The above are also criteria to obtain daily points on your end.

Besides the daily prizes that can be added for taking down the boss at the end of the day all participants will be placed in a global leaderboard. At the end of the month top 100 will receive a 6 star champion. Next 1000 will receive a five star. Next 5000 will receive a four star. Of course the prizes are just an example. They should reflect the time and energy invested.

Each player can fight as many times he wants during a day - only his best score will count for the monthly ranking.
Each player will have a clone mastery setup that is fully unlocked so for this event he can choose whatever mastery he consider best for that particular day.
No boosts can be activated for this particular fight.

Basically this wants to be a global skill event.
Everyone will have the same champion, will fight the same boss and will have access to a full mastery.
Taking down the champ will only be a matter of skill.

Any feedback or suggestions to improve this concept are more than welcome.

I really feel that this could be a great side monthly event in Marvel Contest of Champions.

Thank you for reading,


  • EdeuinkEdeuink Posts: 1,263 ★★★★
    That sounds so much better than what next month’s community wide event will be. You also could have point milestones for people who don’t grind it for insane amounts of time
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,585 ★★★★★
    Love the suggestion, a select few champs who all have a similar capacity to clear a super hard fight you pick from, maybe for people who can’t compete for top rank rewards you could have a point milestone system where every x damage dealt you get a point to milestones which give some resources, nothing crazy, just a reason to give it a go even if you can’t compete for top ranks, this sounds like a great idea, really hope kabam have a good look at this and see if they can add it
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