Stuck in quest daily alternate reality

Hi guys is anyone stuck in quest as I am stuck in the daily alternate reality quest and I am unable to move

Fought wasp defeated her and was about to move to iron man infinity war just waited for some energy when I went back and saw I was at the beginning of the quest and I know I defeated wasp and I was about to fight iron man infinity war but when I click on captain America infinity war it shows me able to move to iron man infinity war like it was but when I click on the tile nothing happens

Can a moderator pls comment on this


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    Go to story mode any quest, click to start new quest and it will give you option to to quit your current quest.
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    Hey Apple_user2, I'm sorry to hear your Champions are stuck in this Quest and you're unable to move.

    In an effort to resolve this issue, please perform a force-restart of the Marvel: Contest of Champions app. This should free your Champions and make them accessible once again. If that doesn't work, please try the troubleshooting steps below.

    - Android Troubleshooting
    - iOS Troubleshooting

    If your Champions remain stuck after having followed those steps, I recommend reaching out to our Support Team for further assistance. You can contact them by clicking HERE.

    Alternatively, if you would prefer to contact our Support Team from within the game, simply click on the gear shaped icon, located in the top left corner of the Home screen. From there, tap the button which says “Support”, then tap the button that says “Need more help? Contact us”.
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