Alliance War Season Rewards for Season 13 have now been distributed. Compensation for individual Wars will be sent later today (Nov 20). You can leave your alliance and still receive the individual Wars Compensation. We are also investigating an issue with Champions stuck in AQ. At the moment Days 1-4 of Honor Rewards have been paid out, Day 5 and full Rewards are still coming!

Known Issues and Fixed Issues - November 8 2019 [Updated 2:26AM PST]

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We are aware, and are working on the following issues. This list does not include any knock-on issues, such as missed Wars, etc.

Fights Repeating in Alliance Quests and Alliance Wars
Fights Repeating in Daily, Special, and Event Quests
Rewards from Duplicating Champions going to Rewards section of Stash (Note: if this occurred before the fix, this will not be fixed for you)
Some Players Unable to mark messages as Read
Boosts unavailable in Loyalty Store for Some Players
Players unable to enter the Arena
Players unable to continue in Arenas

Some Alliances were un-Enlisted from War
Some Summoners Unable to Claim rewards obtained during affected time
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