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The Scope of Compensation

Hey everyone,

I've seen a lot of folks posting ideas on what they want for compensation and everyone seems to be adding things from their wish list. I think that's fine, but I just wanted to jot down a few of my own thoughts about how game rewards that this outage may have effected area by area so we can all think about what fair compensation might encompass.

I want to put the disclaimer that it must be an impossible task to individualize compensation and that it's also impossible to do a general compensation package that will meet everyone's needs fairly, but I just wanted to put this out there...

I'm gonna take this game area by game area.

1) Individual Quests (Monthly EQ, story quests and challenging content such as LoL or variants)- definitely there is an energy cost. This might simply be lost time running it, and for some players may be more complicated if they burned units or hoarded energy refills to try and achieve individual events (such as the mutant combat event that was on) or worse to complete a legends run. There is also a potion/revive cost for trying to complete hard fights multiple times. Finally there was a boost cost, particularly for those who were running difficult content at the time. These may have been 30% champion boosts that are very difficult or costly to get. How much of each thing really depends on your activity level in the game

2) Individual Events: missed revives, units, 4* sig stones crystals, iso, solo Crystal shards, potions and gold that could not be grinded for.

3) Alliance Events: once again, missed opportunity for multiple items including hero Crystal shards, sig stone crystals, every refills, units. I think most notably the alliance quest completion milestones would probably be one of the worst effected.

4) Alliance Quest: This area is I think one of the areas hardest hit. First there were AQ potions and revives used before the outage hit to get those difficult clears that need to be considered. Next since clears were missed which means missed catalyst fragments, missed AQ map crystals. Finally because of the delay AQ map start times were seriously effected which hampers many alliances' abilities to participate in higher tier maps that take coordination of schedules at certain times of the day, even with the accelerated timer. Then there are the donations that were lost and of course since some alliances can't do higher tier maps they can't get their usual rank rewards and consequently the glory they might use to be able to run AQ next week and stay competitive in war.

5) Alliance War: In addition to losing wars that night have been won, many alliances either couldn't enlist when they normally would or were de-enlisted (such as my alliance). In addition to losing out on victory rewards such as hero Crystal shards and loyalty, boosts and AQ potions/revives were undeniably spent in vain. Finally, many alliances will have their standings hurt through no fault of their own if nothing changes which will effect all of the end of season rewards and means that resources used in earlier wars in the season might need to be considered in the impact of the outage.

6) Arena: missed units, missed Battle chips, missed hero Crystal shards/crystals, missed champion rewards.

7) although I mentioned individual questing above, the fantastic invasion event was on which means missed hero Crystal shards, gold and sig stone crystals/sig stones.

8) potentially a missed day on the login calendar

9) missed opportunity to claim daily and 4h crystals.

In addition to all of this is the incalculable cost of having to deal with the hassle of all of this going on.

I want to say a big THANK YOU to kabam for keeping us in the loop while all of this was going on and listening to our concerns. I know this hasn't been easy for any of us. I look forward to seeing the ultimate resolution of this issue and getting back to the game we all love so much. I would love to hear anyone elses ideas on areas/types of rewards that kabam might need to consider.


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