Alliance War Season Rewards for Season 13 have now been distributed. Compensation for individual Wars will be sent later today (Nov 20). You can leave your alliance and still receive the individual Wars Compensation. We are also investigating an issue with Champions stuck in AQ. At the moment Days 1-4 of Honor Rewards have been paid out, Day 5 and full Rewards are still coming!

Where is the alliance quest history?

where is the history of alliance quests? It was an excellent information resource. It is no longer possible to consult the evolution of prestige among other relevant data for decision making.


  • HubraumHubraum Posts: 8
    edited November 10
    i was wondering too. is this a bug or feature ;P
  • DarkMalachi2DarkMalachi2 Posts: 11
    Damn, Kabam. How could you delete such a simple yet useful tool? Leaders and officers need something to make our job of monitoring member participation/completion tendencies easier. Give us an upgraded version of the old, or simply bring back the old. But give us SOMETHING.
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