Is Darkhawk Attack Synergy Bugged?

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Darkhawk attack synergy (friends synergy) says that "All champions gain +5% attack", but it increases attack of synergy members only, not all champions. Is there a bug or is this normal?


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    I realised that the general attack synergy is "Nemesis" and thought that "Nemesis" increases all team attack while "Friends" increases only synergy members attack. So, I tried Classic Spiderman friends synergy and saw that it also increases all team attack.

    I also realised that both of Lv2 and Lv3 Friends synergy have +5% attack rating, not like Nemesis synergy which is +5% for Lv2 and +6% for Lv3.

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    Namor's attack (friends) and critical rating (enemies) synergy are also bugged. They say that, they affect to all champions, but affect to synergy members only. Magneto and Wolverine's enemies synergies affect to all champions.

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    @Kabam Miike ,
    I am sorry, I know I should not tag your name, but I can not get an answer. Could you help? thank you.
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    Any answer?
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