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Alliance quest champions

Who is a better champ for aq for map5 mostly and tiny bit of map 6(both awakened and r4 4 stars) i want to take one to r5, suggestions are highly appreciated.

Alliance quest champions 11 votes

PantherusNZTwmRDuke_SilverDenzel116FhfjghhggggjfhfjgEtjamaErosenseiogNimorPlinkoNerdNerdNerd 10 votes
Vision aou
MilesHolmwood 1 vote


  • PantherusNZPantherusNZ Posts: 1,432 ★★★★
    Tough. I've voted Sentinel but it could very easily go Vision as well.

    Sentinel, once you built up his analysis, is a bit more durable, has a repeatable heal block with his L1 and solid damage on his L2 via incinerates. His regen isn't viable because he has to use his L3 twice and you're generally not going to get that in the 3 min window.

    Vision, meanwhile, has the all-valuable Power Control capability, especially that massive L2 that not only completely drains them, but burns it all AND applies a heal block, THEN with his awakened ability he can rebuild a bunch of power and ready to cycle again.

    Hell...writing that I want to change my vote to Vision :smiley:
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