We are aware of an issue with missing Intel from Red Rifts and with Rift Detectors cost and are working on a resolution.

Incoming Fix: Planetary Might Boost (Act 6 Chapter 3)


We are preparing to push a change to the Planetary Might Boost for Act 6 Chapter 3.

- Reducing the Potency of the Armor break from -90% to -20%
- The Armor Break will no longer refresh, but can be applied again after the Armor Break expires

The original intention of this Boost was to give Buff-Heavy Cosmic Champions such as Venom, Angela, or Heimdall, access to an Armor Break for utility purposes. It is currently being used to deal much more damage than expected and will need to be changed.

Legends runs will not be affected by this, and any Legends Runs completed during this time will be considered “Bonus” Legends. These times will be compared against all Legends Times, and can be awarded a Legends Title, but will not take the place of another Summoner on the official list.
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