Didnt got my 4 star The hood from Versus

Hello, i don't really anderstand how really the system works cause my friend with lower points in Versus got to 1-10% reward and i with much more points got onlt 25-45% reward? I had 970k points and he had 720k points. How can it be that he got 1-10% reward and i got only 25-45%?


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    Its likely that you and he are not in the same bracket. He is more than likely in the beginners and you are in the intermediate bracket. (30 days, 60 days and 90+ days=veteran). So you prolly just missed it. Sorry for your luck.
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    Playing the same amount of time?. There are 3 brackets. 0-30days from when account was first created. 30-60days and after that are veterans 60days + . Am wondering the same thing though. I grinded every hour of every day. Gf was pissed off lol. 965k and didn't get him and I'm pretty sure im still in the 30-60day bracket. I got 788k last time n got him. I'm not grinding arena anymore. Just a casual player. Not spending a dime anymore. I lost money yesterday on revives n stuff when game kept crashing.
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    Soo there is some kind day bracket? Yes i am playing this game like 2 montsh and he is ingame like for 1 month. Thats really stupid, i thought i have the same chances to get the reward as he does, really sucks, now its pointless for me to play versus and try to get that 4 star, couse i will need like 3mil points and other guys to get the reward will need 700k?
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    Unfortunately yes. Am in same boat as you are. Think I'm in veteran now and there is no way to check. No way am I gonna get some of the numbers they are pulling off. I don't have the champs for it..... So pointless grinding for the 4*
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    It may feel a little pointless, yes. I've been playing 2 years, and know I'll never get the featured 4* because cut off never less than 7 million; and who had the time for that?

    You can get champs on the 4* basic arena, if you really try (and save up your boosts!). Choose a session (like now!) when there's a cool really popular champ in the featured arena, and a dull/unpopular old champ in the basic arena. You can often get a 4* and even Awaken them that way.

    I got and awakened 4* white Magneto for around 1.7 million. A lot of people don't like him, and I knew that, so I grinded for him. He's a reliable champ, if you're a mid-range player. Ditto Winter Soldier, who's now part of my main go-to team.

    Pick your targets, and really go for them. I reckon basic Iron Man could go for less than 2 million, this week (in the veteran arena). Good luck.
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