Looking for a new alliance

Hi, I’m Edeuink. I am looking for a new alliance for the next season. I recently got uncollected, and I am good at fighting. In aq and aw I am crazy active, and I can clear most lanes.
No chat apps
Silver 2-1 war
Aq map 3/4
Add me in game- username is Edeuink


  • spino0ospino0o Posts: 54
    You're welcome to check us out. We're currently looking for active members like you. We currently run AQ maps 4/3/2 and a 2 BG AW (silver 1/2). We want to grow in both AQ and AW and need to replace some inactive players. I'm going to add you in-game and speak with you there. My LINE / In-Game is spino0o (s-p-i-n-o-zero-o)
  • Ground_Round1Ground_Round1 Posts: 906
    maybe check us out...

    We are a group of moderate players who work together to maximize rewards. Most of us are 5x5 burnouts who just enjoy playing without all the AQ/AW pressure.

    AW: 2 BG's in season, 1 BG off season. Traditionally we are G2, but last season slipped into G3. Hoping to bounce back.

    AQ: 544, 544, 444, 444, 433 for 80-90 mil weekly.

    400-500k SA weekly, small minimums just to help us weed out the deadwood, no donations.

    We use discord for group chat.

    Holler if this sounds good. We had a few key players retire, and looking to be 30 strong very soon.

    ground round#0363 in discord, Ground Round in line, Gound Round in game.
  • Billiam04Billiam04 Posts: 11
    i know where you live anyone want to stalk him dm me
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