A “Pity” system for Featured Cavaliers

I recently spent a grand total of $3,400 on the Dr Doom Cavalier crystals without getting a single 5* or higher Dr Doom.

I suggest a tweak to the drop rates in this manner:

I suggest a “pity” system for Featured cavaliers. This is how it’s gonna work:

Every unsuccessful pull for either the featured 5 or 6-star champion would result in the pity meter going up by a metric of 1 point, once it reaches 200 or 300 points which equates to 200 or 300 unsuccessful pulls, then the game will increase the drop rate for the Featured from 0.5% to 1.5%.

This system would be beneficial to both Kabam and the summoner as it would empathize with the summoner by allowing him to have slightly better odds after 200 unsuccessful pulls, essentially ensuring that the summoner would be rewarded with a better drop rate thereafter. Kabam’s monetary benefit is that it can still earn more income from summoners that are incentivized to carry on pulling after 200 unsuccessful crystals, but this time they’ll have the benefit of knowing that their odds have increased by a certain degree.

I’m not expecting charitable handouts from Kabam which is running a business after all, but more like a fairer way to reward summoners that have plunked in thousands of dollars without any tangible benefit.
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