23m AQ+AW Alliance Is Recruiting

CHAØS is in need of a new member.

We are a relaxed group that strives to strike a balance between real life and enjoying the game. We keep things fun, respectful, and manageable and are a good fit for a player who logs in several times a day but does not want to feel the 24/7 pressure of higher maps.

Line is required. We have been in Gold 1 and Gold 2. AQ donations are not required. We use a mix of heroic and master modifiers in AQ, with BG1 running Map 4 on non-AW attack days and Map 2 on attack days, BG2 running Map 4 every day, and BG3 running Map 5 every day.

An ideal candidate has an assortment of 5* and 6* champs for attack and defense (we run perfect diversity), is working on or already has the Cavalier title, and is a good communicator. If this sounds like you, please contact DarthFigment on Line.
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