Objectives ideas

So, I had some ideas for recurring "objectives".

Smallish rewards .. (gold? nobody said no to gold! :) ) Quest crystal .. *shrug* .. nothing big, just something little to have some fun with from time to time.
Perhaps even 1 or 2 randomly chosen each day? (so not all of them available all the time .. just randomly set, or rotating .. etc.) again, nothing hard, or too challenging, and light rewards .. just something to have some fun with from time to time.

perhaps 3 levels each ?
Level 1: 1 fight
Level 2: 3 fights
Level 3: 5 fights.

All are intended to have additional criteria of:
- use a weaker champion vs tougher
ie 3* vs 5* ..
or 3000 PI vs 10000 PI ...
or such (open to ideas :) )
Idea is, exclude trivial fights such as using a maxed 5* vs the first maps of Road to Labyrinth. ;)
- should have a clause similar to Cull where opponent has to start at more than 95% ..
The idea is it should be a "real" fight, and a near 1 shot .. not 1 champion "prepping" the opponent and then bring in the other to "clean up".

Here's some ideas:

Can't Touch This
- win a fight where you evaded or dex'd 5 attacks.

Nothing Special
- win a fight without using a special attack

David and Goliath
- win a fight vs an XL champ using a Small champ.

Time Sensitive
- win a fight in under 30s

Passive Aggressive
- win a fight without landing a hit.
(ie strike only into blocks, kill them via Electro, Korg, Morningstar passive, quake & bake, etc.)

Heavy Handed
- win a fight using Heavy attacks only
(Note: Quake & bake shouldn't work here, since vast majority of damage is not via heavy attack, but another mechanic .. )

- register 5 hits on the opponent AFTER their KO'd.

Bleeding out
- KO an opponent with bleed damage.

- KO an opponent with incinerate damage.

- KO an opponent with poison damage.

That was close
- win a fight with less than 5% health

Flawless victory
- win a fight without taking damage.
- regen doesn't help. If you take damage, at any time, for any reason .. you can't get this one.
- you CAN start at less than 100% health .. that's fine .. just don't take dmg within the fight.

Special Spam
- Activate 3 specials within 10s of the first one.
(adjust time to be realistic, I'm not sure how possible this is . but idea is to activate 3 specials
within very close proximity to each other ... )

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