AI Tweaked to be more defensive?

Hello. I would like to ask if ever you guys had noticed how defensive the ai had been after the update? The first week after the release of the alternating event fantastic everyday. The AI became more defensive and reluctant to throw an sp (note: exclude the defensive link node on the rightmost path in the fantastic event). I've also noticed this too while using ghost. After doing 1 or 3 combo, the opponent will rather dash back and wait for phasing to end or sometimes just block then attack after phasing ends. Also, doing an sp1, sp2 after that quick phasing, the opponent will dash quickly back. Some say I'm just a bit off with the timing but i doubt it.
Pls dont answer like "adapt, play" bla blah cause I'm tired of this for some time now this month long event.


  • LFC4EVA1987LFC4EVA1987 Posts: 27
    Yeah they are, I done a post not long ago saying about it I don’t find it a coincidence that the ai has become like that and now we have nodes in aq like bane and brute force
  • DeadmaddyDeadmaddy Posts: 107
    It's been going on for few months. Now it is actually getting frustrating. Every single fight is pushing people away from game.
  • Sean_WhoSean_Who Posts: 127
    Few people have mentioned it recently in our ally, as well as myself. Seems terrible in AQ.
  • KattohSKattohS Posts: 621 ★★
    Well AQ map 5 has me thinking I can’t fight.
  • DęłtåDęłtå Posts: 295
    map 5 the ai is more passive
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